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We as a representative of RightPaws code of Ethics take pride in the Environment, Health, and Welfare of our Poodle Hybrid Puppies.

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In 2024 we proudly joined the Lyka team.

Up until then, we fed all our puppies and adult dogs on high quality dry food with a mix of fresh meats. We found families struggled with ratios and what to mix with what.

After a lot of research we decided to start to wean our puppies on Lyka. We've been using it with our adult dogs  in conjunction with raw and dry.

Any dogs that have any gut or coat issues thrive on straight Lyka and we've seen great results.

Manny park families receive a generous 30% Off discount from Lyka on their first order and can continue their puppies diet easily by clicking the Button Below, Lyka delivers high quality Pet Food to your door.

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Black Hawk Starter Bundle

Each puppy owner takes home a great black canvas tote bag with a 3kg bag of Black Hawk puppy Grain-Free Dry Food, Black Hawk Training Treats, Exclusive Drooly Dog Toy, & poop bags, Plus a Diary & puppy guidebook.

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Lyka 30% Off First Order

Real Food packed with the right nutrition for shinier coats, better tummies and longer lives with our Beloved Pups. Get 30% OFF your first order using the code MANNYPARK at checkout.

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