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The story of Manny Park Puppies.

Manny Park Groodle Puppies

In the beginning 

I was born with a love for dogs that has never wavered. Over the 13 years before my husband Russ and I had our first son, we had a beautiful Great Dane named Boden. He was our boy before the two-legged variety came along.

Boden was known and loved by everyone and he lived a long happy life.

Properly Trained Dogs from Manny Park Puppies

Our First Poodle

After Boden, we had a big break before we welcomed Molly, a gorgeous chocolate Toy Poodle. It took some convincing to persuade Russ to change from Dane to Poodle but I managed to do it.

Molly soon won our hearts and was the start of my great love for all things Poodle.  

Manny Park Puppies Groodle MotherManny Park Puppies Groodle FatherManny Park Puppies MotherManny Park Puppies Father

The First Litter

With the guidance of a poodle breeder, Molly had two beautiful purebred Poodle litters. One of her sons, Tommy, also became one of our treasured family members. He was the biggest character and stole everybody's heart.

I loved the joy of bringing puppies into the world. Our family situation changed around 2015 and it gave me the chance to start breeding Poodles full time.

Manny Park Puppies grow up on 11 acres of farm land

Manny Park Farm

Our 11-acre property is high in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We are surrounded by rolling hills and have a lovely creek running through the middle. It is the perfect place to raise healthy happy puppies. I embarked on a steep learning curve and started Manny Park Puppies.

My breeder friends, Corrie and Anne, were both very encouraging and supportive, for which I will always be grateful.

As hard as breeding is, my love for it grew deeper and we introduced our first two Poodle hybrids.

Lucie and Piper gave us our first Cavoodle (King Charles Cavalier x Poodle) litters and they were adorable! I just loved the Poodle mixes.

We then introduced Groodles (Golden Retriever x Poodle).

The Groodles have become my main focus as our dear Cavoodles are now retired.

Manny Park Puppies Guardian Program

The Guardian Program

Groodles are extremely smart and intuitive and several of our puppies are in homes supporting special needs children and adults.

This is a most rewarding aspect of our business, which I'd like to expand. It would be wonderful to see more of our babies helping families, enriching and supporting those whose lives are not as easy as others.

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Bluegrass Bernedoodles joining Manny Park Puppies

Our Next Hybrids

Building on this experience, I researched extensively for another breed that excels in this area.

I decided the magnificent Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle) breed would be perfect to join our Groodles.

I looked at many breeders over a 12-month period and was extremely impressed with Bluegrass Bernedoodles in the USA.

Lee Ann has spent a long time studying soundness, genetics and temperaments and her beautifully-bred dogs and puppies are stunning.

In 2022 I approached Lee Ann as a potential partner and to ask if she would allow us to import three of her beautiful dogs into Australia to start our Bernedoodle breeding program.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when she agreed and at the end of 2023 the beautiful Adeline, Aliza and Hank will make their home here at Manny Park.

Our Bernedoodle adventures will begin in 2024.

Adorable Manny Park Groodle Puppies Sleeping

A New Beginning

Importing the Bernedoodles is a huge undertaking and I'm immensely appreciative for all the assistance we've received from Bluegrass. They are helping us bring our dream to fruition.

We're also excited to welcome Birdie and Pearl, two stunning Blue Merle Bordoodles (Border Collie x Poodle) this year. Birdie and Pearl are beautiful on the inside and out and their puppies will also add to our Manny Park Family.

The wonderful mix of these two extremely intelligent breeds  will make amazing family pets.