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Are all Hybrids Hypoallergenic?

The definition of hypoallergenic is something “designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response” so with this in mind we do all we can to achieve non to minimal shedding with the poodle mix but no one can guarantee a dog is 100% hypoallergenic.

On occasions, people are allergic to a dog's saliva and not the coat so we would have no control over that scenario. Our hybrid breeds will have either low or non-shed coats.

Puppies whose parents are back bred to a Bernese Mountain dog or golden retriever will have more shedding.

What are the generations (F1, F1b, F2) and what do they mean?

We’ll use a bernedoodle as an example but the rules apply for any hybrid.

An F1 Bernedoodle is a first generation cross, which means 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle. An F1b is a first generation bernedoodle Bernedoodle bred with a purebred poodle. This would mean the puppy is 25% Bernese and 75% Poodle. We can also do this on reverse by putting the Bernedoodle back to a Bernese which would give us 75% Bernese and 25% Poodle.

F1b puppies are non-shedding and allergy friendly. f1B reverse will mean some of the puppies will have more of the shedding gene.

An F2 Bernedoodle gives 50 % of both breeds. 50% Poodle and 50% Bernese Mountain Dog,

We also do multi generations which are normally smaller and equally adorable.

What Hybrid Puppies do you Breed?

There are so many beautiful hybrids and over the years we have bred several of them. We’re now focusing on the three combinations we believe are the best for temperament and intelligence. The Bernedoodle, The Groodle and The Bordoodle.

Cross Breeding & The Term Hybrid.

At what age can our puppy come home and can we visit our puppy at Manny Park?

Puppies can go home from 8 weeks of age. At that time, they are fully night crated and sleeping through the night.

We encourage families who live locally to visit their puppy weekly from 6 weeks to start bond building.

Do you provide Interstate transfers?

Yes, we coordinate all road and air travel. All expenses are to be paid by the owner.

How Do I know what breed suits our Family?

We will guide you through the selection process when you apply for a puppy to ensure the match is right between you and the Puppy.

We believe we have puppies to suit every family.

Do we have to pay a holding deposit?

Yes, a 10% deposit is required for every successful puppy application. This is non refundable unless there is a legitimate reason.

If that is the case, there is a $100 processing fee. The rest of the deposit will be refunded.

Filling in our application form.

We will contact you to confirm what puppies are coming up and we will go through suitability of breed for both you and puppy. 

If possible, we welcome all our families to visit MP to see where our puppies start their life. For our interstate and international families, we do this via Facetime or WhatsApp.

We do not allow our puppies to go to any unapproved homes.

The Process for Adopting a Manny Park Puppy.

Do you recommend Pet Insurance

Yes definitely.

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance offer 8 weeks free puppy insurance which is a great way to start out.

Accidents happen and like human health insurance if you can spare the  monthly payments it can save a lot of

financial stress if the worst happens.

How many litters do your breeding dogs have?

Our girls have a maximum of four litters and are then desexed and continue their happy lives with their guardian families.

Do you health test your dogs?

Yes, all our dogs have been DNA tested and hip scored where appropriate. Our dogs are up to date with all immunizations and have yearly vet checks.

Health & Wellbeing